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The GSI academic community comprises individuals and research groups from all colleges and campuses of the University. It is not defined by who is located within a single building now or in the future but rather by those who want to work together to deliver the GSI vision. Our strategic direction is governed by our management board made up of the GSI director, manager and six assistant directors, each responsible for the specific areas of research, education, impact, engagement, internal culture and social sciences. If you would like to affiliate please follow the ‘join our community’ link.

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Professor Rolf Aalto

Associate Professor in Physical Geography

Dr Jesse F. Abrams

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Professor Mohammad Abusara

Associate Professor

Dr Inmaculada Adarves-Yorno

Senior Lecturer in Leadership Studies

Professor Neil Adger

Professor of Human Geography

Dr Sangaralingam Ahilan

Research Fellow

Professor Allen Alexander

Associate Professor in Innovation and Circular Economy

Professor Mike Allen

Associate Professor of Single Cell Genomics

Dr Gemma Anderson

Artist/Research Fellow



Professor Mark Baldwin

GSI Assistant Director (Research)

Dr Hugo Barbosa

Lecturer in Human Dynamics and Urban Systems

Professor Stewart Barr

Professor of Geography

Professor Ian Bateman

Director, Land, Environment, Economics and Policy Institute (LEEP)

Dr Dan Bebber

Associate Professor Biosciences

Professor Claire Belcher

Professor and Chair in Wildland Fire SDG15 Lead

Professor Richard Betts

Chair in Climate Impacts

Professor Fenna Blomsma

Jun. Prof. Circular Economy and Systems Innovation

Mrs Sarah Board

GSI Administrator

Professor Steffen Boehm

Professor in Organisation and Sustainability

Dr Niklas Boers

Senior Lecturer Maths Global Systems Dynamics

Dr Chris Boulton

Research Fellow

Dr Catherine Bradshaw


Professor Nicky Britten

Professor of Applied Healthcare Research

Dr Bryan Brown

Lecturer Drama

Ross Brown

Senior Research Fellow

Dr John T Bruun

Lecturer in Mathematics SDG 2 Lead

Dr Kerry Burton

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Dr Catherine Butler

Senior Lecturer in Human Geography

Joshua Buxton

Postgraduate student Geography

Dr Ricardo Safra de Campos

Lecturer in Human Geography

Dr Angela Cassidy

Lecturer in Science and Technology Studies

Mr Ross Castle

Postgraduate student Maths

Dr Rob Chadwick

Lecturer Maths

Dr Albert Chen

Senior Research Fellow SDG6 Lead

Dr Tinkle Chugh


Professor Richard Cochrane

Miss Aimee Coggins

Postgraduate student Geography

Professor Mat Collins

Joint Met Office Chair in Climate Change

Professor Peter Connor

Associate Professor Sustainable Energy Policy SDG7 Lead

Miss Daneen Cowling

Postgraduate student Geography

Professor Peter Cox

Professor Climate System Dynamics

Andrew Cox

Postgraduate student Geography

Ms Anne-Marie Culhane

Visiting Fellow

Dr Andrew Cunliffe

Research Fellow

Mr Bastiaan van Dalen

Postgraduate student Archaeology

Dr Saptarshi Das

Lecturer in Mathematics

Professor Patrick Devine-Wright

Professor in Human Geography

Professor Justin Dillon

Professor of science and environmental education

Mr Nikolaos Dimakis

Visiting Fellow

Dr James Dyke

GSI Assistant Director Education, Associate Professor Earth System Science SDG13 Lead

Dr Matt Eames

Senior Lecturer Mechanical Engineering

Dr Katharine Earnshaw

Senior Lecturer in Classics and Ancient History

Mr Dan Eatherley

Consultant and Writer

Dr Robert Ellis

Senior Lecturer in Ecophysiology and Sustainable Aquaculture

Professor Raziyeh Farmani

Centre for Water Systems

Dr Ted Feldpausch

Associate Professor

Mr Benjamin Fitkov-Norris

PhD Student in Environmental Intelligence

Professor Pierre Friedlingstein

Chair, Mathematical Modelling of Climate Systems

Dr Angela Gallego-Sala

Associate Professor In Ecosystems and Biogeochemical Cycles

Professor Tamara Galloway

Professor of Ecotoxicology

Mr Ashish Ghadiali

Visiting Fellow

Mr Daniel Godfrey

Visiting Fellow

Dr Jack Griffiths

Lecturer Politics

Dr Kees Jan van Groenigen

Senior Lecturer in Climate and Environmental Science


Postgraduate student Business School

Dr Paul Halloran

Associate Professor

Dr Anna Harper

Lecturer Climate Science

Professor Iain Hartley

Professor of Terrestrial Ecosystem Science

Dr Sarah Hartley

GSI Assistant Director Engagement, Associate Professor Management SDG17 Lead

Calum Harvey-Scholes

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Mrs Alissa Haward

Climate Risk Project Manager

Dr Raphaëlle D. Haywood

Lecturer in Physics and Astronomy

Professor Jim Haywood

Professor of Atmospheric Science

Professor Stephen Hesselbo

Professor of Geology

Dr James Hickey

Lecturer in Geophysics and Volcanology

Dr Timothy Hill

Associate Professor in Physical Geography

Sarah Holmes

Postgraduate student Geography

Miss Darcy Howle

GSI Intern

Professor Karen Hudson-Edwards

Professor in Sustainable Mining SDG12 Lead

Mrs Zoe James

Postgraduate Student

Dr Lorien Jasny

Senior Lecturer Politics

Professor Akbar Javadi

Professor of Geotechnical Engineering

Professor Lars Johanning

Professor of Ocean Technology

Dr Alasdair Jones

Senior Lecturer

Dr Karen Kenny

Academic Development and Education Incubator

Dr Victor Kouloumpis

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Natalia Lawrence

Associate Professor (Translational Medicine)

Mr Laurie Laybourn-Langton

Visiting Fellow

Dr Kirsten Lees

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Professor Tim Lenton

GSI Director, Chair in Climate Change

Professor Sabina Leonelli

Professor of Philosophy and History of Science

Dr Ceri Lewis

GSI Assistant Director Impact, Associate Professor in Marine Biology

Professor Xiaohong Li

Professor of Energy Storage, Director of Global Development (Renewable Energy)

Mr Guy Lomax

Postgraduate student Maths

Dr Treasa De Loughry

Lecturer in Global and World Literatures in English

Dr Nicholas Lutsko

Visiting Fellow

Dr Penelope Maher

Research Fellow

Dr Tim Malone

Clinical Research Fellow

Dr James Manners

Lecturer in Mathematics

Dr Damien Mansell

Associate Professor Geographical Information Science

Dr Eva Marquis

Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Met4Tech

Professor Nathan Mayne

Associate Professor in Astrophysics and Planetary Climates

Professor Catriona McKinnon

Professor of Political Theory

Dr Doug McNeall


Professor Fayyaz Ali Memon

Professor of Sustainable Water Systems

Professor Ronaldo Menezes

Professor of Data and Network Science

Dr Lina Mercado

Associate Professor in Ecosystems and Environmental Change

Dr Jean-François Mercure

GSI Assistant Director Policy Engagement, Associate Professor Climate Change Policy

Ms Michelle Michelsen

Postgraduate student Biosciences

Dr Candice Morgan-Glendinning

GSI Administrator

Dr Sam Morrell

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Shaher Moseley

Postgraduate student Politics

Dr Alice Moseley

Lecturer in Politics

Dr Aimee Murray

NERC Innovation Fellow

Eleanya Nduka

Postgraduate student Economics

Dr Sophie Nedelec

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Anne Nicholls

GSI Senior Administrator

Dr Arwen Nicholson

Research Fellow

Ms Femke Nijsse

Research Fellow

Anthony Norton

Director, Centre for Energy and Environment

Dr Kyriaki Noussia

GSI Visiting Fellow

Dr Evelyn O’Malley

Lecturer Drama

Mr Jack Oliver

Impact & Partnership Development Manager - Climate Finance

Dr Katie Orchel

Post-doctoral Research Associate

Mr Jack Oughton

Postgraduate Student Geography

Mr Robert Owen

Visiting Fellow

Dr Daniel Partridge

Lecturer in Atmospheric Science

Professor Stefano Pascucci

Head of Sustainable Futures, Professor in Sustainability and Circular Economy

Dr David Pencheon

Associate, and Honorary Professor, Health and Sustainable Development

Professor Toby Pennington

Professor of Tropical Plant Diversity and Biogeography

Professor Chris Perry

Chair in Tropical Coastal Geoscience

Dr Ajit Pillai


Miss Amy Rose Pilsbury

Graduate Research Assistant

Dr Natalie Pollard

Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Literary Studies

Dr Tom Powell

A.G. Leventis GSI Impact Fellow

Dr Alex Prichard

Associate Professor Politics

Professor Tim Quine

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education/Professor of Earth System Science

Dr Sally Rangecroft


Dr Andy Richards

GSI Manager

Dr Niall Robinson

Visiting Fellow

Ms Katya Romankevich

Senior Research Administrator GW4 Climate Alliance

Denise Ross

Postgraduate student English

Jean-Pierre Roux

Postgraduate student Geography

Dr Lucy Rowland

Lecturer / NERC Independent Research Fellow

Dr Rebecca Sandover

Lecturer in Human Geography

Dr Christophe Sarran

Honorary Research Fellow

Ms Sarah Scaife

Postgraduate student Drama

Professor Adam Scaife


Dr Ernesto Schwartz-Marin

GSI Assistant Director, Lecturer in Sociology

Professor James Screen

Associate Professor in Climate Science

Dr William Seviour

Senior Lecturer

Dr Yeliz Simsek

Postdoctoral Researcher

Professor Stephen Sitch

Chair in Climate Change

Dr Ben Smith

Lecturer in Creative Writing

Dr Iain Soutar

Lecturer in Human Geography SDG7 Lead

Professor David Stephenson

Professor in Statistical Climatology

Professor Peter Stott

Professor in Detection and Attribution

Dr Senthilarasu Sundaram

Senior Lecturer

Professor Philipp Thies

Associate Professor in Renewable Energy

Dr Stephen Thomson


Dr Kelly Thornber

Research Fellow in Sustainable Development

Professor John Thuburn

Met Office joint Chair in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

Dr Mi Tian

Lecturer in Low Carbon Engineering

Miss Madeleine Timmins

Postgraduate student Geography

Dr Dunia Urrego

Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography SDG15 Lead

Dr Maya Vachkova

Senor Lecturer

Sebastian Gil Vargas

Postgraduate student Food Studies

Dr Alice Venn

Lecturer in Law

Becky Venton

Visiting Fellow

Dr Raffaele Vinai

Lecturer in Civil Engineering

Rayanne Vitali

Postgraduate student Geography

Dr Stuart Walker

Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Tidal Stream Energy

Dr David Wallace-Hare

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Dr Kate Wallis

Lecturer in Global and World Literatures

Ms Tabitha Watson

Postgraduate student Geography

Professor Andrew Watson

Royal Society Research Professor

Dr Helen Webster

Lecturer in Global Systems

Professor Gail Whiteman

Professor of Sustainability

Dr Karina Williams

Lecturer in Geography

Professor Hywel Williams

Associate Professor in Data Science

Dr Mark Williamson

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Professor Michael Winter

Professor of Land Economy and Society

Emma Wood

Lecturer in Marketing

Dr Bridget Woodman

Senior Lecturer Geography and Deputy Director of Energy Policy Group

Dr Bert Wuyts

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Xiaoyu Yan

Senior Lecturer in Energy and Environment

Dr Chris Yeomans

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Miss Lirong You

PhD student

Professor Chendi Zhang

Associate Dean for Research (interim), Professor of Finance, and Director of Exeter Sustainable Finance Centre